IMG_0372-004My first blog post on my new website. Yikes! And here not long ago I thought a web site was where a spider attached that sticky trap it spun to snare a fly for supper. Am I nervous? You bet. The butterflies in my tummy are reminiscent of those I felt the first time I climbed the ladder up onto the high dive at an officers’ club pool at age eight or nine, a gaggle of kids gathered below, faces upturned, yelling, “Jump! Jump! Jump!” Or when for the first time I faced the entire student body of thousands at my new high school in Monterey, California, to give a campaign speech. Who ever thought running for freshman class president was a good idea, anyway, in spite of how impressive it might look on a college application?

Now, as then, my palms are sweaty, and there are a dozen other things—perfectly legitimate chores—I could do in order to postpone this a while longer. But I’ve already put it off for more than a week, and I know from long experience that procrastination is never the answer. So here goes….

I’ve had many passions over the years, but currently my days are consumed with writing, genealogy, and gardening. I’ve completed a book about my father’s experiences as a guerrilla in North Luzon in the Philippines during World War II (to be published sometime in 2018), but I also like to write about growing up as an “Army Brat,” about some of my more—shall we say—unusual ancestors, and about my adventures in my garden. Sometimes I also write about nonsense or something that popped into my head in the middle of the night. Today I’m going to start with gardening, and I’m going to start at the beginning. If you’d like to come along, look under “One Woman’s Garden” for a tribute to Harriett, who started it all.